Friday, April 15, 2011

To knit or not...

I recently got a surprise in the mail from U.K., its this Let's Knit magazine.
Thanks so much Sis!!
I still haven't knitted anything for the past few years...and there are some yarns in my stash that are wanting to be knit ;) I just had to prioritize my crochet designs - with the limited crafting time I have. Besides, I have to relearn the basics of knitting. Good thing, this mag has very good knit instructions for beginners. Then again, it would have to wait :p
There's one adorable crochet project included though, its the Dionne tunisian crochet clutch.

Oh, and this magazine includes 2 skeins of designer yarn called Cookie!
 Actually, that's what made my sister decide to buy this issue for me :)


  1. oh that yarn looks really fun! any ideas what you will be making with it?

  2. Thanks Cris!
    If nothing else, there's always the simple garter-stitch knit scarf...and the magazine includes a tea cosy, baby hat and mittens, and a cushion pattern to use with the yarns.

  3. The yarn looks delicious

  4. Yup, you'd really want to take a bite ;)

  5. To knit, of course! Mimi you have to knit that yarn! Aw I wish I could show you the basics and you´ll get back knitting in just minutes! Go Mimi go!

  6. Thank you, Vik!! Yes, I will have to knit with this yarn to get the most of it, since there's only a total of 124 meters ;)

  7. you should knit of course! :) how sweet of your sister .

  8. Those skeins of yarns look so great! Lucky find :D And you're lucky your sister's so thoughtful :D


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