Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Crochet Caps!

Recently I've decided to spend some time making items to sell. I've missed several chances to sell finished items, when all I had to offer were patterns. I couldn't decide what to make until I talked with two ladies at the mall, who wanted to learn how to crochet. I showed them samples of my work, mostly hats from my free patterns. Their excitement over the hats inspired me to start making more. I think hats are saleable - even though its warm here :p For the younger people, the Warm Cap with Brim appeals the most. One of the ladies didn't want to take it off her head, and wanted to borrow my sample. Since I made a rule for myself not to lend my one and only sample, I set out to make another one. I bought brown acrylic yarns (not exactly the shade I wanted, though).
I couldn't wait to finish it and share it with my new recruits ;)


  1. That's awesome, Mimi! How fun, too. :)

    We have a new "craft store" in town (they have yarn!!). I went today but I was in such a bad mood I just left. Maybe I'll go back when I'm in a better mood, lol. I was hoping to meet some other crocheters...

  2. Hi Tina! Good for you, maybe you'll warm up to that craft store soon ;)
    There's nothing new here, when it comes to yarns...but I'm glad to find new crochet buddies. I was about to take photos and they wanted to model my hats, but my batteries died :( hope I'll get pics next time...


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