Friday, February 03, 2012

Crochet a day - Oval doily

January is over, what have we made for the love of crochet?

I've just finished a project that I couldn't share yet...other than that, I didn't crochet much in January.
(I wasn't able to submit to a couple of crochet publications calling for submissions. I wanted to, but things got in the way again, and the deadline passed.)
I know I don't crochet as much as I should, having made this hobby into a business. Oh well, this time I'll try to stay focused on this business.
For this month of February, I challenge myself to take up crochet everyday - whether its a new design, a crochet project, a free pattern, anything crochet-related. I will be posting about it as often as I can, maybe even daily - for this month.

Today's crochet started out in search of an oval doily.
I have this small vase, which my Mother gave me about 25 yrs ago. Its made in Japan, and is oval-shaped. I tried using a dainty round doily, but it didn't look so right.

I began searching for patterns on Ravelry, looking for oval shaped doilies. I also looked at my books - most of the oval ones are huge and intricate. I don't plan to spend much time to make this doily, but I want it to be nice and to complement the vase. I then searched for anything oval, and I saw this flower. I made the flower, but I've yet to make an oval doily :p

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