Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More crochet projects for February

Here is another projects update!
From hats to cellphone cases, now here are some scrunchies ;)

crochet scrunchies

Two scrunchies I finished in two days. I love this pattern by Moira, the resulting crochet fabric is exactly what I want for a scrunchie - not too lacey or frilly and not too thick. And as a bonus, Moira invented a way to unlock the finishing seam so you can replace the garter when it is worn out. As we know crochet is very durable, but the elastic inside can wear out and will need to be replaced. This is the ultimate scrunchie pattern, try  it and see for yourself!
crochet purple scrunchie

Now back to cellphone cases, I just finished another one!
I love the animal theme and I love the natural colors...I'll try to make more variations.
Here's my bear cellphone case:

crochet bear cellphone case

Can't help but say, its soooo cute!


  1. Ooo, I thought it was headbands at first & was going to say, I saw a girl at my son's school yesterday wearing a purple headband (store bought) almost like this. The scrunchies are cute. My hair is too short to wear one now.

    Your bear cellphone case is adorable! You come up with the cutest ideas!! <3 (P.S. I am getting a new-cheap-cellphone, since my plan is up w/ my old phone & was too expensive. I am definitely going to use a cell phone case with this one. My old phone is so scratched!)

  2. Hi Tina! The scrunchies pattern could also be used as a headband, just make it longer ;)
    I always use prepaid load on my cellphone...and my CPs were always cheap, and/or hand-me-downs :p
    You'll have to make one of my animal CP cases, its very useful and so cute! I plan to write down the pattern, but I need to make one more design (a pig). I got the ideas online, but it wasn't easy to find ;)

  3. wow! i like the bear cellphone case. it's so cute <3


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