Thursday, April 03, 2014

Crochet - finished or not

I still have some patterns and projects to finish...which already has taken too long. Sorry to keep some of you waiting. I really plan on sharing more free patterns this year - so far its still in-the-making. I promise to do this, soon...
I only managed to do little projects, little home improvements and the usual chores. And here's some of the little projects I made:
First, here's an illustration I recently made for my pattern Teeny, Tiny Heart. Since I don't have a program (or rather don't know how to use one), I drew the chart by hand and improved it with some photo editing on picmonkey ;)

crochet tiny heart
Teeny, Tiny Heart

Last January when the weather was a bit cold, I got inspired to make baby booties from the Red Heart Super Saver yarns that I bought last December. Here's my baby nephew wearing his sneaker booties.
He wanted to play with it ;)

crochet booties
crochet sneaker booties
(I've yet to finish writing and testing the pattern for this pair of booties.)

Then I have another nephew, about 18 months old. He, his Mom (my sister) and his Dad (my Dutch BIL) live in the U.K..They came to visit last month, He's so adorable! I love how he mimics the dogs' barking and he's fond of all kinds of animals, including bear stuff toys :) Here's a recent photo of him enjoying a lovely spring day, back in their place.

And this is the project that I made for him - a recycled denim baby book. Its made up of 4 flaps or 8 pages in all. I crocheted the letters, numbers and bear appliques. The heart applique was made from the above Teeny, tiny heart pattern :)

Lastly, here's another cell phone purse I made following my pattern Chic Cell Phone Purses. I modified the bottom and used a slightly bigger hook, and made a shoulder strap. I'm not sure I'll use this though, the strap is not long enough  for crossbody.

More of my crochet projects next post ;)


  1. love the baby things :)

    1. Thanks Bheng, I love making them for family :)

  2. Thought I would stop by and visit you. Love your recent things that you have made. That little book was so cute! You did a great job making those numbers. Would love for you to visit my blog sometime if you ever get a chance. Happy Day to you. :0)


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