Monday, April 21, 2014

Crochet on Earth Day and a new free pattern

Its Earth Day today April 22...details of this commemoration can of course be searched on the internet ;)
I thought of posting today to remind ourselves to be more conscious of our choices for our crochet hobby. We can crochet with more earth-friendly materials (have to do a search on that as well...). Better yet, we can crochet with recyclable materials such as plastic bags, old t-shirts and other fabrics on hand. Try to make your own paper yarn, t-shirt yarn, plastic yarn. Some even used old VHS tapes as yarn. (see google images)

Another option is to buy recyclable materials at the thrift shop. I previously bought used sweaters and cardigans made of yarn that can be recycled. (posted here) The prospect is good, however, I have yet to find the time to actually make projects from those recyclable materials :p
There are plenty of free patterns on the internet using plarn (plastic yarn) or tarn (t-shirt yarn), or just substitute whatever you have on patterns requiring worsted weight or bulky yarn.
Crocheted flowers and purses are practical projects for recycled materials

crochet flowers

Another crochet earth-friendly way is to use remaining threads to make home decors that at the same time will save your wooden tables from scratches and stains. I've got that covered with this new free pattern, Pinya Glass Cozy.
Each cozy used only 11 gms of thread (size 8 cotton thread).

Crochet glass cozy
Blue Glass Cozy



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