Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Editing your crochet project pics

Most of us are eager to show-off our handmade projects, and we like to take photos and post them on social media. Sometimes, we aren't happy with our photos. It may be because either we don't have the right gadget, or we don't have the skill or patience to take wonderful photos.
I know little about fixing photos in my I do most of the editing online. For free and high-quality features I go to PicMonkey. They also have Royale features at an affordable price, though if you wish to try these features for free (totally free), you can do so for one day. Otherwise, you can use the regular features anytime :) Go give your photos a makeover and have fun with it too ;)


  1. Mimi I love the new look of your blog yes pic monkey is my go to site too although I m learning to use photoshop now

    1. Thanks Pearlin! Glad you like the new look :)


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