Saturday, March 13, 2021

My Crochet Stuff in 2020

Hello, just a few things to share about my crafting in it is for your interest :)

Crochet Projects

I've posted just a few projects for the year on my Ravelry - colorful bag, my tote, makeover slippers, amigurumi details, beach coverup, and a couple more cotton thread projects. I can't show the beach coverup yet, since it is a submitted design...coming soon this summer!

And this one I started in October last year, will hopefully be finished early this year. This group of four amigurumi dolls is a request by my son for my granddaughter, since they both watch the series, Avatar. My son bought the pattern, and I tweaked it a bit, and added the crocheted eyes too...

Aang and Katara crochet

Can't wait to see my granddaughter's reaction when she sees the dolls!

Another project, a simple one yet quite useful - this crocheted belt that I finished with recycled leather attachments. The yarn was bought from the U.S., Berroco Suede yarn, made in Italy. I used size 5.5mm hook and worked it in SC stitches. With this kind of project some sewing skill is required. 


2020 wasn't so bad for crocheting...must have been good for some crafters who had more time for their projects while forced to stay at home...and for those like me who have blogs like this and patterns for free or for sale, there has been an increased demand. The past year my blog views went up and as a result I got some income from my blog, from my for sale patterns on Ravelry, and from royalties on my patterns on the Interweave website... But honestly, such income is just peanuts...only worth mentioning because it was unexpected, considering that I practically didn't have new content. 

I only had one published pattern last year, which is available free on This is quite a unique style for a crocheted bag, its practical too. But not all yarns will work for this design, the best yarn is the one used in the pattern, or a similar one. 

Also in 2020, I submitted a beach coverup pattern for the WeCrochet Magazine Summer 2021 issue.

 Ready to crochet with Curio #10? Its 100% cotton, very easy to work with, and the resulting garment is light yet the design is defined and has no big holes. 

Other Stuff

A throwback pic from 2 years granddaughter showing the crochet purse I made, which she used as a toy dog carrier.

And another look at my yarn inventory from 3 years ago, to remind myself that these needed to be made into projects! 

The plan this year is to continue to use up yarns and other materials and to keep on organizing them...its as important to find what you need, when you need it.

Thanks for looking! By the way, I celebrated a milestone birthday last year. 😎

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