Saturday, October 15, 2005

Fun Fur projects

I've been thinking about what to do with the pretty fun fur yarns that were given to me by a lovely, though anonymous fairy at crochetville.(see previous post)
I'm still waiting for some creative ideas to come up...looking for free patterns and easy projects to inspire me.
(Last updated May 28, 2009)
Most of these free patterns are from Lionbrand
Furry Little Bag
Fur Panda Amigurumi
Evening Tote
Fun and Flirty Purse
Evening Wrist Bag
Eyelash Purse
Furry Pal
Fun Fur Flipflops

Want more free patterns using fur yarn? Type fur on CrochetPatternCentral searchbox to get the links to these free patterns:
Child's Furry Purse
Easy Fun Fur/Eyelash Yarn Scarf
Eyelash Fur Glove Cuffs
Fancy Fur Twisty Scarf
Fun Fur Cell Phone Holder
*Fun Fur Guitar Strap
Fun Fur Hood
+Fun Fur Hoop Earrings
Fun Fur Jacket
+Fun Fur Scrunchy or Bracelet
+Fun Fur Trimmed Poncho
+Fun Fur Vest
Fun Fur Vest
Fun Fur Water Bottle Holder
Fur Collar Jacket
Fur Ever Collar and Cuffs
Fur Out Shoulder Wrap
+Fur Panda, Amigurumi
Fur Pillow
Fur Sure Crocheted Tee Top
Fur Trimmed Bottle Cozy
*Fur-Trimmed Pet Sweater
Furry Girl's Slippers
Furry Handcuffs
+Furry Little Bag
*Furry Mouse Toy
Furry Mouse Toy
+Furry Pal
One Skein Fun Fur Scarf
Simple Fun and Fancy Fur Scarf
Suh-Wif-Fur Loopy Dust Mop Cloth

Found also this site with more info on fur yarns and other novelty yarns
My fun fur project is coming soon...I hope...

See my fun fur scrunchies, fun fur scarf, furry cellphone purse, and a funky cellphone purse.


  1. I happen to know of something fun fur that will be coming in the mail soon! ;)

  2. Yippee...I'll still be surprised coz I dont know exactly what it is. Thanks Tina!

  3. Well it isn't anything 'big', but, I hope you will like it!

  4. Anonymous27 May, 2009

    most of the links are expired.......

  5. The links are now updated :)


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