Saturday, October 01, 2005

"Matrix" Purse I'm making

I couldnt resist the Bernat "matrix" yarn that my secret pal gave me and thought it should at once be made into a purse! I used an acrylic yarn from my stash (familia "gold") for the base, crocheted with two strands and a 4 mm. hook. The matrix yarn is easily crocheted also with a 4 mm. hook. Here are some pics.

This is how it went and I thought I would finish it, but turned out the yarn was almost gone and I still had few more rows and edging to do. So I had to frog it and make it a little smaller. But, it was quite easy because the matrix is smooth and didnt get wrinkled. And it was also easy to make up. I'll probably show the finished purse tomorrow.

And by the way, secret pal, what's up? Hope you're ok, I havent heard from you in more than 5 days and that is so unusual. Please let me know you're ok or something's come up.


  1. Hey I love the glitter Mimi

    Winter soon, a scarf would be nice. May be a vest. Leg warmer? :)

  2. I think that will turn out great :)

  3. What a great looking purse! My mother in law gave me three balls of Matrix and I was stumped as to what to do with it. What a great idea. :)

  4. Hey Mimi! I know I was gone, but now you know why. :)) You are so bold, I would never know what to do with that yarn, unless I saw a pattern already written up and liked it! It looks good so far!!
    Your Secret Pal!....

  5. thanks all for your comments! :-)


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