Sunday, October 09, 2005

Small doily

(I didnt take the time to stiffen it so it would look perfect.)

A small pineapple lace doily I made from a pattern in this book "Lovely Lace"no.2
It turned out smaller (20cm) than the original which is 27cm. I used Cannon metallics cotton thread size 8 and a 1.75mm hook.

I chose this doily to use for the glass decor gifted to me by my brother.


  1. Very beautiful doily! I used to make all kinds of doilies, but got away from it.

  2. Thanks Stacie and Tina! May I just say, making a small doily is my way to get some kind of fulfillment when I have lots of WIPs and cant decide on what to do! ;)

  3. Hey, sis!

    The doily and the glass decor go well together. They both look great so they compliment each other. Wow, even your doily looks more exquisite than most. Your creations really have a special touch in them :)


  4. thanks for the compliments sis! need something? :-)

  5. Wahahaha! really.

    Nooni nooni noo...


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