Monday, October 24, 2005

Wonderful Gifts!

I went to the Post Office today to send the packages for my yarn swap partners. I hope they like it!
I also got the small package sent by my Secret Pal, in it was the bigger size hook that I was waiting for (6mm Boye aluminum) to get started on my fun fur and other yarn projects that require big hooks. She also sent me a set of big crystalites hooks, it looks so much fun to use and to have in my collection! Thanks so much Yarnie, again you made me feel special! Here's a pic of what I received:

I also did not expect to receive the yarn swap package so soon, but since I was already there at the P.O., I inquired and the teller said there was indeed a package that just came! So here is what was in that big package, it came from Cordelia (CraftyCritter)

Thanks again Cordelia, it was really a wonderful package of yarns! I like everything! And it was so sweet of you to also send me a Burts Bees lip balm!


  1. Oooo! Look at all the yummy yarn! Now you can use your new hooks, too! Yummy!

  2. yes Tina, everything's yummy! I would like to try my new big hooks on those wonderful yarns, but I just couldnt decide where to begin! I'd have to let the yarn settle down first in its new home...haha...

  3. love the yarns Mimi...they're lovely!

  4. Hi Mimi !

    I just wanted to say hello and tell you that I have not forgotten about the hat pattern :-)

    I have just had a lot to do..

    I will try to get around it tomorrow.

    Hugs from Norway


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