Thursday, November 24, 2005

Crochet and Other Stuff - by CL

Sometime ago I met CL, a filipina-canadian, online. We've been exchanging notes since then. She's a computer geek ;-) and a talented digital artist.
Lately, she surprised me when she wrote about me on her blog.
This is CL's artful representation of my blog, I copied it from her post.

I like it so much! Thanks, CL!

More of CL: Artworks, Words, Freebies


  1. That is cool, Mimi. I saw your scarf at the 'Original Links' thread, yours turned out great! I am going to try to make one of Nina Kate's purses. I don't know how wide to make it, but... I guess I'll wing it. ;) Nice job on the scarf!

  2. Very cool! You could use that as your banner for your blog!

  3. Yes I'd use it as a banner soon as I figure out how to...Thanks :-) !

  4. I agree, that it very cool and should be used as your banner! How very nice of your friend. I have a feeling you'll figure it out soon. ;)

  5. Thanks for the help JM!

  6. Thanks all for the kind comments. ;)

    I'll make something out that will match the background color of your heading. When? Soon as I am done with the current pressing deadlines. :(

    Good God! I think my eye bags is deeper than my pocket - it's 3:01 am

    Have a good day all, or should I say, "Good Morning" from Canada.

  7. Hi CL! I like so much what you already made. I'm sure I would be thrilled with any personalised art that you make for me.
    Eyebags?...Hope you get lots of sleep soon! And maybe you need one of those relaxing spa again ;)


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