Thursday, November 10, 2005

Baby Crochet

Here are some baby items I've recently made. I haven't seen a baby for a long time and I dont think I'll be seeing a baby soon. I made this for a friend who's friend is going to have a baby before the year is over. Based on average measurements these would fit a newborn up to 3 months baby.

I made it from Familia Acrylic Yarn, M, I think it is sport-weight. I used a 3.5mm aluminum hook.
Here are the links from where I got the patterns:
Baby Mittens
Baby Booties- I modified the pattern a little but I wasnt able to note it down :-(
Baby Hat by Sabra - found this on crochetville. She has matching socks and shorts too.
Infant Hat

This is a knitted infant shorts. I got the pattern from a special knitting for baby issue of Burda magazine 1991. I made it from Cannon cotton thread size 8 and used 3mm knitting needles. I knitted it several months ago and it took me quite a while to finish it. The socks - I just bought it because I couldnt knit a sock!

My crochet patterns for babies:
Appliques for baby items
Baby mittens - cotton

Cotton Baby Hat - from a free pattern found on the web
New Baby toy pattern for sale: Baby Fitness 101
New! Baby Girl set: Halter dress, hat and booties

All about baby crochet
Mittens and Appliques
Baby crochet model
Cute baby


  1. Mimi they're all beautiful!

  2. Those are adorable! I haven't made baby stuff in a while. Just a pair of knitted booties. Can't wait to see your pumpkin! ;)

  3. love all your crochet projects Mimi.

  4. Thanks so much Hookermama (I wish I know your name), Tina, Stacie and Jewels for your comments!

  5. Superb workmanship Mimi

    I don't know if I ever asked you this before, have you thought about mass production of your crochet goodies?

    Are there any crocheting equiptment you can buy to do this work?

    Have you thought about exporting?

  6. CL, for knitting they do have knitting machines, but for crochet only a crochet hook and a pair of hands can do it. I have seen some company websites wherein they offer lots of cool crochet items, and they also ship overseas. I guess they have a battalion of crocheters and I suppose most of them are asians, maybe some from Phil., where labor is cheap.
    I heard from a Monaco company employee that a lady used to buy boxes of crochet thread to make into bikinis which are being sold abroad.
    For now, I will be glad to take a few orders which I can make myself. I am planning to hire some crocheting ladies(if I can find them), so I can come up with enough items to have my own booth in a bazaar sale, maybe for next year;-)

  7. Great work on all of them Mimi - very cute!!

  8. Thanks Kimberly! I'm so glad to hear from you again!

    Btw everyone, I would just turn off the word verification as I think its too inconvenient - sometimes the word is too loooong and then one makes a mistake and have to type again :-(
    I'll just delete the ugly spam comments as they come!

  9. Mimi, your projects are all so very lovely! Wonderful, wonderful work. I look forward to more. :)

  10. Thanks, bamboohooker, I'm so inspired by your comments!

  11. Mimi, it would be very nice if they send you a picture of the baby wearing the set! So you can show better your beautiful work. Is a good idea, isn´t it?

  12. Oh yes Vik, I'd be so thrilled if they could send me pictures of the baby items worn by the lucky baby...hehe...but most of what I had made were for a friends' friend, and I was reluctant to ask for it.


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