Sunday, November 13, 2005

Crocheted Hats

I made these 3 hats a week ago ;-D

The pink striped hat is posted on my free patterns. And the other two are variations of that pattern. I used 2 balls of /Cannon cotton thread, 2 strands crocheted together and a 3.5 mm hook.


  1. Cute hats!
    I love those colors you chose.
    The strips on upper part of the pink hat are taller, and I really like it.
    Thank you for sharing the pattern! :)

  2. Cool hats! You have been busy. I like the blue/ green and white one the best. Heck, I like them all!

  3. Thanks so much Chie and Tina!!! I had fun choosing the colors for those hats and I think I can still add some other nice color combinations ;-)

  4. I also like the blue, green and white one the best, not just for the color but also for the pattern that came out.


  5. I love them!!! Very cool hats there Mimi!

  6. Thanks so much Kimberly and Cherry!
    I"ve been thinking what to do with that variegated thread and found that it turned out well for this pattern that I wrote.

  7. Hi Mi! i love your hats! i would like to try making those especially for my officemate, whose request for a hat i haven't granted yet until this time. i thought your pattern for this is so timely that i've been looking for a nice hat using thread.

  8. Thanks Fe! If you want the pattern details of the other two hats just tell me. The free pattern is for the pink stripe and the other two are variations of that pattern...


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