Wednesday, February 15, 2006

More on food...

I've been inspired to write a post on my cooking when I remembered some of my friends' own "specialties". Here are some:

Tina's caramel custard:

CL's typical breakfast

Kimberly's quiche

Kimberly's Banana Cake

Tina's pumpkin pie

There could be more, but these are the ones I remembered :)

Update (Mar. 4) I just found this wonderful creation, Marzipan Torte by Nefermiw


  1. You're making me hungry Mimi! I don't feel like making any pies though today. ;)

  2. Yah dear mimi do you have a recipe on how to make "beef tocino and tapa"? Photo please if any and I can just look at it and be satisfied ;)

  3. Hmm...I think that is much easier CL, I'll just buy ready-to-cook beef tapa and beef tocino at the grocery and prepare it with fried egg and fried rice. And I'll invite you over for breakfast =)


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