Sunday, February 05, 2006

Crochet Olympics

I recently signed up for the crochet olympics organized by jingles96 (Anna) at crochetville. She even set up a site for this fun event. Thanks Anna! There were also some nice people who made cute buttons for this and I found it hard to pick one but I had to choose.

It was also hard to pick a project for this but I decided to make a cardigan from Garnstudio designs. The most challenging part would be to be able to use my cotton thread size 8 as a substitute for the material used in the model, and to be able to get a well-fitting cardigan that I can actually wear...
I'm glad they came up with this activity, as it is the closest I can get to being a participant to anything olympic...hehe....
Anybody who wants to join is welcome. I saw my name listed on the website just now so I wrote this post. Maybe some of you, are interested, then just go to the site and see :)


  1. Yay for joining the Olympics!! I am doing both the Corchet and Knitting Olympics...Crazy huh? *grin* all the best to you on your quest for Olympic Gold!

  2. That is amazing (wish I had knitting skills too), I cant wait to see your projects! Good luck on both, Kimberly!


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