Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Mushroom Omelette

I'm now going to talk about real food, not a crocheted omelette ;)
Maybe Tina can crochet an omelette if she's in the mood, she did make some cupcakes, burgers and fries from yarn :D

Well, I just want to show here one of my breakfast specialties. Its a quick omelette that my sons like and I serve it once a week. Other times we dont eat breakfast...hehe... (fried eggs and toast is our old standby)
Here it is in the pan almost done:

Now, for the all important presentation...voila!

We eat it with garlic fried rice (leftover rice from dinner, fried with minced garlic).

And while I'm on the topic of breakfast, here's what my younger son made one Saturday morning when I was too lazy to prepare anything. He is so happy with his "creation" he asked me to take a photo. (But he doesnt know I'm showing it here now :)

Its a crepe, filled with sliced peaches from a can. The syrup is Hershey's lite syrup (I didnt like its taste, so I put jam on top of my crepe).

Oh, and on the crocheting news... I'm still joining the two columns of the cardigan, or the first 10 motifs, so 42 more to go :O


  1. That Mushroom omelette looks yummy...............now you will have to share the recipe with us to try it out:)

  2. :D thanks Raquel!
    (Dont know if you really want the recipe, there's a lot of good recipes online.) But here's how I did it:
    I dont really have a recipe for my omelette. I just add anything that I already have. I always stock some canned mushrooms, and I add whatever veggies I have.
    Basically its sauteing chopped veggies (garlic, onion, tomatoes, bell pepper) then add the chopped mushrooms and ham or sausage, add some soy sauce, salt and pepper.
    I use only two large eggs usually, I beat it with a tablespoon of water and a little salt. Pour it on a hot pan with a little oil, let it set until just slightly soft on the top, arrange the sauteed ingredients, and fold the omelette =)

  3. Oh how I miss your cooking...

  4. Did you really miss it, sis? I'm rarely in the mood to cook nowadays, anyway. But just for this post I felt like a real cook again =)

  5. Thanks Mimi I am going to try it.

  6. That omelette looks yummy!! And the crepe too. I barely cook breakfast like that. Cereal and milk, or oatmeal, for us. :)

  7. Yes, I forgot to mention that Tina :) We also have those for breakfast when I dont cook.

  8. YUM! This is making me so hungry!

    Your son's culinary talents are amazing, Mimi. I'm lucky if my own makes his own piece of toast - LOL! He did a great job. :)

  9. Oh not really, Jaye...This happens rarely, so its good a got a shot of it...hehe...


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