Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Another interesting hobby - Birdwatching...

I wonder if some of you reading my blog will be interested in birds. I didnt know I was going to be until I tried to learn more about birds. Though as always, the more I try to know something, the more I realize that I had a lot more to learn, and sometimes it gets confusing :p That's the case with my crocheting, as with any other hobby that I get into.
So anyway, what started me into googling for birds was when we saw a large bird perched on the avocado tree in our front yard. One time my son even saw it land on the balcony and on the front porch and it even drank on the dog's water bowl!
Here are some shots taken by my brother when the bird was on the avocado tree:

At first we called it a hawk, then I searched a little and I said, its a falcon. Then I searched some more today and now I'm sure its a Brahminy Kite. It does belong to the same family as Buzzards, Eagles, Harriers, & Hawks - Family Accipitridae.


  1. Such a BEAUTIFUL bird!!!
    And those photos your brother took look very professional to me.
    They are much better than the last photo! :P

  2. It is indeed beautiful, Chie! And I know there are a lot of fascinating birds here because of all the chirping sounds we hear. If I had my brother's camera I would really be watching out for those birds!
    I'm sure the other photographer would say he's better, because its really hard to take a good shot of a bird in flight ;)

  3. That is beautiful! My sweeties would die for the avocado tree! Once when visiting in Michigan out in the country, we started bird watching and even bought a book on vacation so we knew what we were looking at. None were as beautiful as yours tho. I just love to hear the sounds of them all...usually that means spring!

  4. That is so cool. I wish we had a bird like that in our yard! I love watching the birds. I used to know what every bird was that came to my feeder. But not any more. Thanks for sharing that with us. :)

  5. Tina, that would be interesting to see! I hope you could get back to birdwatching and share photos with us ;)


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