Sunday, April 02, 2006

I've been crocheting, but...

I can't show off what I've been doing lately. I'm quite anxious about it, since I've been really working hard on designing. Nothing fantastic, but certainly something I can be proud of myself to say that I had my own ideas and I was able to make it in crochet and come up with a useful pattern. The good news is, someone's interested in getting my designs for publishing :D That's what I can say for now, details will come later.

Since I havent had any recently crocheted item to show, I will feature here one small item I made several weeks ago. I was hoping to make all featured on this page

But I have just finished one. Also, unfortunately, there is no letter M in the book!


  1. Hey Mimi


    That is so wonderful!!! I'm so very proud of you, it's a fantastic accomplishment and testament to your skills as a crafter and artist :)

    Those letters are beautiful, are they your designs too?

  2. Thanks Jaye! I'm so inspired by you and others who come here and leave nice comments. And more than that, because you have become my friends =)

  3. Very exciting so very happy for you and cant wait to see what your making.

  4. Congrats Mimi!!!Thats truly a wonderful news!!!!!

  5. Congratulations ! That is wonderful. You know that you are very good at it.
    Hey I like that peice. But sadly, I couldnt see the pictures in the link as Flickr is a blocked site on our server. Which book is it? I'm sure you can work out letter M by adapting the latter A or W.

  6. Thank you Raquel and Yasmin!
    I will have to work harder now, as I must come up with original and fresh patterns =)

  7. That is so different!!! I love it and you did such a wonderful job! Congratulations on the are one of my favorite bloggers...always so sweet!

  8. Congratulations Mimi! Your designs will be published! This is great! Cheers!!!

  9. Thank you so much, Lucy!
    How wonderful to hear that =)

    Thanks Vik! I'm excited all the more with everyone's comments!
    I really cant wait for it...its not even final yet and I'm saying it here :p

  10. Congrats on the possible publishing! What great news!!

    Love the letter A - it turned out wonderfully!

  11. Thank you Kimberly! I'm so glad to see you here again =)


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