Sunday, April 30, 2006

Crochet ABC with flowers and more...

I got the design from this book.
Here are the other designs from that book:

Its so much fun to make, though it requires a little more effort, because of the small details. I'm thinking of framing it, or maybe sew it on a towel to give as gifts. I've also got some suggestions from the forum: use for scrapbooking, nursery room decor, teacher's gifts, birthday cards, or any personalized gift...

Now if you're still looking for some flowers to crochet, there are some new free patterns from Garnstudio. These are mostly knitted cardigans with crochet trim and crochet flower embellishment.Crocheted flowers on knitted cardigan
Crocheted brooch on knitted cardigan
Crocheted edging on knitted cardigan
Crocheted flower on knitted pullover
Afghan and Pillow in Karisma Superwash
Crocheted flower on girl's knitted cardigan
Crocheted flower on knitted cardigan in Alpaca


  1. Thos letters come out so nicely, great job. I am so envious over your threadiness!

  2. Your letters are beautiful! Maybe you could also sew them on to a crocheted (or canvas store bought) purse... ??

    Anyway they are beautiful!

  3. Thank you Jaye and Tina!
    Tina, I would be on the lookout for plain accessories that I could personalize with these monograms :)

  4. My beautiful "V" is in the front pocket from my jean jacket. Everybody tells me, how pretty is is, and I tell them it was crocheted by my friend Mimi from Philipinnes! Thank you very much!

  5. Thanks for letting me know, Vik! It made my day :)


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