Monday, April 10, 2006

Going back to Knitting...?

I've been wanting to knit again, but dont have the time to start something new and relearn everything again. I took out my old knitting projects I made when my kids were toddlers. Back then, the best motivation I had to learn to knit was to make something for them. But being inexperienced in it, it took me so long to finish a project. I'm also surprised to look at it now and say to myself "I made this!"

I have bought some wonderful books then, that I'm so glad I invested a little in. I dont see those now in our National bookstores, and besides, the knitting and crocheting books are all so expensive now unlike before. Here is the page where I got the pattern for the above vest. See, I tried to knit the boat design but couldnt do it, so I just embroidered one on the front when I finished knitting the piece ;)

The book is a U.S. publication and the one I got was printed in 1988, but the designs are timeless and perfect for today's tots.

This top was one project I was able to finish and gave it to my friend's daughter.
I also attempted to make the dress version of it, shown below. Somehow, I lost interest in it, for it seemed to take forever to knit especially with 2.5mm needles :p I was able to make half of it and its now a permanent UFO.

So I think I'm not yet ready to do some knitting, at least not for the next several months. I did recently make a knitted scarf in simple garter stitch. It turned out much better than if I did it in crochet.
For now crochet is still my passion and I will pursue it. I will be busy with my crochet designs and will be making more if I get a good feedback =)


  1. NICE job!

    PS-I think my package came in and is at the post office-I'm picking it up this AM and will let you know. Talk about exact timing to the day-

  2. Thanks Deneen!
    I also think that's the package from me. Its right on schedule :p

  3. I hope this isn't a silly comment, but as a crocheter for years (since I was little) I tried to do knitting but couldn't stand the way it felt to hold the yarn. Then I had a friend show me the "continental" style, or holding yarn in your left hand like you do for crochet. That opened up a whole new world for me as far as knitting. I finally got it down to a more comfortable craft and can do it with better ease. If you are used to crocheting, but hold your yarn "American" style when knitting, try continental to see if you like it better. Good luck, I love looking at your blog projects!

  4. The vest with the sailboat is very pretty!
    Mimi, you are so talented, I'm sure you can knit if you wish!

  5. Thanks Kish, I'll keep that in mind the next time I venture into knitting :)

    Hi Vik! I love looking at knitted projects, including yours.
    I am envious of you knitters. One day I will have to prove to myself that I can do it too =)

  6. Mimi your vest is so cute! You did a really good job on it. I have a sweater still sitting that I just cannot get myself to work on. I don't know what it is, but the thought of working on it irritates me. It's for my three year old, so I have to hurry and finish it too. Well if you decide to start knitting again I *might* be able to help you if you get stuck... :)

  7. Thanks, Tina! I think its really hard to stay focused on knitting esp. if its a garment.


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