Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I want some brownies!

Today I suddenly decided to bake some brownies. I had plenty of good reasons to:

1. Its my younger son's favorite, and he's always asking me why I've not been baking anymore.
2. I had all the ingredients and its been here for weeks, cant stock them up any longer.
3. I used to bake brownies for someone's birthday, if I had to prepare something, because it is the easiest and most appealing to everyone.
4. Someone's celebrating her birthday today, but I couldn't send her the real thing, so here's the photo to show her that I remembered =)
5. That someone also sent me the crocheted bear posing there along with the Nestle cocoa, which made the brownies taste soooo good!



  1. Aaaw! I'll come over and we can have some brownies together okay? ;p That was really nice, Mimi! Thank you. :) They look yummy. Tell your son to enjoy one for me, too, okay? :p

  2. Yum! Those look delish, Mimi!

  3. Oh Mimi, they look delicious!!!

  4. Thanks, Mimi...and right after I did an hour on the treadmill!!!

  5. Yummy! Those look delicious !


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