Sunday, November 19, 2006

Designer bags, crochet version

I recently came across a site by Stephanie Syjuco, an established multidisciplinary artist based in San Francisco, California. She is a Filipino immigrant to the U.S.
Among other interesting items on her site, the one that kept me looking on was her counterfeit bag project, with crochet skills being used to imitate expensive designer bags. Did you see the cute chanel purse counterfeit she made?
As I googled on to know more about her and her project, I saw that there was an article at Crochet Me magazine about this.

I emailed her to introduce myself and let her know that I'm very interested in joining her project. But I said, I still have not decided on what bag to counterfeit, and I might not be able to start this year. I do hope the project would still be going on by next year. I'm so glad she wrote back, and encouraged me to join.

I showed her a photo of my imitation sak bag, which has remained a UFO for more than 2 years now. But I wont be submitting this one, since the bag I imitated is already crocheted, and there isnt much of a challenge in that...Also this one has been around for quite sometime.
Edited to add:
Whatever the purpose of this project, is apart from my intentions in imitating a famous designer bag. For me this project is merely for art's sake, to interpret an expensive bag design in my own homemade version. No profit is intended to be gained from this. This is not similar in any way to the manufacture of imitation designer bags, mass-produced and sold everywhere.

(borrowed pic)


  1. Wow-pretty amazing imitation. I can't wait to see what you come up with Mimi

  2. Wow Mimi I don't think I've ever seen that one before. It looks great! I can't wait to see what other design you come up with, too. I saw a Ferragamo knit bag that someone came up with a 'Fake-A-Gamo' knockoff. I still haven't made one yet, though.

  3. Wow it is so pretty!! I love it!

  4. Thanks Deneen, Tina and Stacie =)
    I really liked the bag when I first saw it, but I didnt get to sewing a lining and zipper closure...I sort of got tired looking at the stripes, so I lost the motivation to finish it.

  5. That is a cool bag! (even with it's curse of of the UFO's) Good luck with that adventure, purses are such a great project and most everyone loves crocheting them because the time and investment is less than clothing. Have a great day Mimi!

  6. Mimi, the bag you mdae looks great. It's neat that you get to join the counterfeit bag project.

  7. Thank you, Pam! I do tend to make more bags than clothing, it doesnt become complicated when it comes to increases and decreases ;)

    Thanks Aby! Anyone making a counterfeit bag can submit photos to Stephanie ;)

  8. The bag looks great! Good luck on your project.


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