Thursday, November 30, 2006

Knitted Swatches

Yay, I've knitted some swatches! Just to show how these multicolor threads look when knitted. I'm amazed how little thread was needed to make these, yet it takes a while to knit just one swatch!
Maybe the same time it would take to make this:

Striped Keychain Purse


  1. Nice colors-after the holidays I will be ordering some more thread.

    I've been worried about you with the typhoons in the Phillipines-I don't know where you live in terms of where it has been bad-I am happy you blogged.

  2. Thank you Deneen!
    Luckily, our city was not directly hit by the typhoon.

  3. Thanks for a lovely pattern to a lovely purse.

    Have a nice weekend

  4. Pretty colors!!
    and such cute keychain purse!

  5. Thats a very cute keychain purse. And the threads do look amazing.

  6. I didn't hear about a typhoon! Oh No! I'm glad you are okay where you are!

    The knitted swatches look really nice. I was wondering what you have been doing all this time- you were knitting behind our backs, weren't you? (Just joking around...) ;)

    The little keychain purse is cute, too.

  7. That little key chain purse is adorable!!!!!!

  8. Hi Mimi, kumusta na? Long time no visit me here, hahaha. I was sick kasi, got cough/colds & flu. I was just too lazy to do anything even blogging. I feel a lot better now and will back to work next week. Thanks for visiting me... btw, i love your multi colored threads here esp. the pink and fushia combination. Take care and regards!

  9. Those are some really beautiful colours. Unfortunately I have not one idea in my head for a project for you :(

    When I saw on the news about the typhoon, although I was sad to see it at all, I admit to breathing a sigh of relief that you were not affected by it - whew! I've kept you in my thoughts and prayers nonetheless, my dear friend.

  10. Hi Mimi
    I was thinking about you listening to the news.I am glad you are not not affected by it Mimi.
    Love those threads .Cute pattern too

  11. Thank you all my friends: Ulla, Vik, Yasmin, Tina, Lucy, Beth, Jaye and Pearlin, for stopping by. I'm glad you liked the thread colors and my little pattern ;)
    Thank you for thinking of me upon hearing news of a strong typhoon here. It did not hit metro-manila, but it struck hard on some provinces :(

  12. Very nice !!! That's saying a lot coming from a man, down under in New Zealand !!! (hehe)A little purse for change for the parking meter - a good idea.
    I mentioned your blog to Vik, but I see she has already paid you a visit.
    Glad to hear you are okay !!!
    Cheers from NZ


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