Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Last week I started this bag. I decided to make this for myself for the holidays. Today I made a lot of progress on it, that I’m sure it would make it before the New Year ;)
The first time I thought of this design, I wanted it to be original. It also has to be comfortable to carry, roomy enough, and not too big so it can be made in a few days. And since I avoid sewing a zipper, I made it with a drawstring :)
I decided on a neutral color – tan, for the first one that I made. I did like it so much that I hated to part with it and sell it, along with the pattern to Coats Manila Bay :p
Anyway, I really wanted the bag and I thought of making another one in the same color. But now I was in the mood for a darker shade so I chose a bronze-like color. And I already have a pair of sandals to match it ;)


  1. Mimi you could write a crochet book of your own; with all of your purse/bag and other patterns! :)

    I like the bronze color on this one, too. Very pretty!

  2. Very nice! I, too, like the colour on this. I am so in awe of you that you're crocheting from three balls of thread at once! Sometimes I find it difficult to crochet with just one, hehe!


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