Saturday, December 16, 2006

Other than Crochet for Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and the air is getting colder here at night. Meanwhile, I still found a few more stuff to share here, from christmas past.
But first, here's a fresh new idea I got from my sis. They made this from recycled stuff, old invitations and cards. I think its really neat and cute ;)

Here's another one of my mini cross-stitch project from a magazine. I mounted it on a wooden frame.

The next one is a mini doll made from felt cloth. I bought an Ondori book on mini dolls a long time ago. This was one of my favorite designs there. I made the "eyeglasses" from thin wire.

Lastly, here's a small pinecone ornament I put together with some ribbons and trims.

And, on crochet news, I finished up 3 more striped keychain purses to give for christmas. I bought some cute buttons for it :)

That's all for now, friends, thanks for looking!


  1. Everything looks great!

  2. Love all the stuff you've got there Mimi!!!!

  3. Everything is beautiful!!! Love the tree on the door!!

  4. What a great idea for Christmas tree your sister has.
    And the keychain purses-they are wonderful.
    Have a nice new week
    Ulla in the north of Sweden
    who needs time until Easter for all my projects for Christmas..but we hope we get a new christmas 2007.

  5. Wow you are crafty and not just crochet! ;) I made a pinecone candle ring once. (Another idea for pinecones.) It was cheap, I used pinecones in my Grandmas' back yard. (I made it for her.) :D

  6. What a clever idea to make the tree on the door! All your stuff is so cute. The doll is adorable. You sure are crafty.

  7. Mimi, what a wonderful idea that tree! I like everything you are showing here! The mini Santa is so cute!

  8. I like the tree thing too...great idea!!! (and you cross stitch too...woo-hoo!!)


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