Monday, December 11, 2006

More Yarns and more Birthdays

Two blog friends just recently celebrated their birthdays. More about it on their blogs ;)
Lucy and Vik, I wish you both more happiness in the coming years :)

Yesterday I got some lovely yarns that my lovely sister sent me:

Its a furry yarn that when knit or crocheted, looks like terry cloth. It is 100% polyester, it feels softer than cotton, and it looks like cotton to me.
I think its perfect to make sweatbands, wristwarmers, socks, mittens, etc... and since my favorite to make are cellphone cozies...ta-dah...

Just to make sure my phone is safe and warm ;)

Thanks Sis! I love the colors you chose. And if there are some of it in manly colors...(I would love to make a sweatband for the ping-ponger...hehe)


  1. Yehey! You're very welcome. Surely I can look for more (manly) colours.

    Wow, your cellphone is getting very good care =p ...that's why it's so fun to 'hunt down' yarns for you!

  2. How thoughtful of you to keep your cell phone cozy and warm. ;D The yarns look so nice; what a nice gift from your sister.

  3. Thanks for the good wishes. That yarn is sooo cool!!!

  4. Pretty! That yarn would make some cozy mittens.

  5. Hi Mimi! Thank you very much, my friend! The day after my birthday Kimberly arrived! We are having a great fun time here! ;)

  6. hi Mimi! I like that yarn, it's very brightly colored and beautiful. I can't crochet, maybe I didn't even spell it right, but I am able to write, when I've had my requisite latte. Your blog is very interesting! Happy Holidays!

  7. Thanks for your comment, Scott! Happy Holidays!


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