Friday, April 20, 2007

Crochet for Charity

For quite sometime I had been wondering how I can use my skills to contribute to a worthy cause. I am also wondering why crochet as a craft is not as popular as it should be, seeing that there are so many stay-at-home moms here who have time to do it in between their daily routine work. Moreover, most of these moms are poor, and crochet can be a convenient way for them to earn some income for their family.
Having this same observation, a growing non-profit organization chose to include teaching crochet and selling the items as one of their projects. But what makes this organization special is that they are working with families of cancer patients, and these patients are kids.
When I received an email from them asking me if I could help out, I took it as a great opportunity. Actually I was quite eager, though reluctant since I do not have any experience teaching crochet. Moreover, these were underprivileged people and I know I cannot give them instructions using only our language, since most of the terms are in English.
As much as possible, I wanted to come up with my own patterns to teach them. I thought a coaster would be a good project. But I made the mistake of choosing a spiral design, since I immediately had a picture of it in my mind. It seemed simple and good enough, I went ahead and wrote up a pattern. I decided to teach it on my first meeting with them. Most of them wanted to look at the finished item while crocheting, instead of referring to the pattern.
Ok, it might not have been a big mistake, but I realized that I overlooked the fact that they are beginners and making 6 sc all in one ch at rnd 1, is a big challenge. I was glad none of them complained, and they all tried their best. We meet once a week, and next time I will come up with more beginner projects for them.
For more info on Project Brave Kids please visit their website:

Btw, the coaster pattern is here in case anyone is interested ;)


  1. I forget too, how much crochet knowledge I have stored up in my head. You are doing a very nice thing. After a lesson or two, you'll be able to see where the ladies are at crochet-wise.

  2. Thanks Sue :)
    I really didnt know what to expect on the first meeting, and I guess I got caught up in the creative process again :p

  3. It is a really nice gesture on your part, though. Maybe you could show them how to do a simple back and forth crochet, like for a dishcloth or something useful they could sell to make money for themselves? Just a thought.

  4. Thanks Tina :) I thought they already did that since they had their first lesson before I joined in. Now I know better, I have to make sure they know the basic stitches first :p

  5. That is so nice of you to do that....I, personally, would consider it a priviledge to be taught by you, Mimi! I wonder if those you are teaching realize how respected you are in the crochet world and how many of us see you as an of luck on this new project!

  6. Hi dear Mimi, I´m clapping my hands here!

  7. Hey Lucy, thanks for the support! I know there are many more talented crocheters out there but if I'm able to inspire and if others appreciate my work so much I'm so honored :)

    Thanks Vik! You dont know how much your show of support, and your thoughtful words mean to me - a whole lot. In turn I'm able to encourage others too :)


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