Sunday, April 15, 2007

Crocheted Dishcloths

I recently joined two swaps in a row. For the first one we exchanged two crocheted dishcloths, and here's what I sent to Mary:

(pattern: crazy cloth; yarn: cotton size 5; hook: i forgot...)

I didnt make only two dishcloths, of course :p Its really a fun project and its the first time I indulged in making it, so I finished up some more (for me):

If you notice they all look the same, except one which I just made up without a written pattern. The other three were made from the same pattern, Crazy Cloth, shared by Kimberly. Fortunately, she is also my swap partner at the Kitchen Swap at FiberFreaks, which is the second swap that I joined in. For this, we exchange two knitted or crocheted kitchen-related items. Quite predictably, I sent her two crocheted dishcloths. But not only the crazy cloth one, but another one which is my first finished tunisian stitch project. Here it was in its early stage:

Now we'll have to wait until Kimberly gets her package of goodies (hmm...two weeks would be the normal time) to see the dishcloths I sent. No, I dont think I spoiled the surprise, you have to see the finished I had a few more surprises in there too ;)


  1. I love seeing your finished Crazy cloths - it is so great to see someone else enjoying the pattern!

    I can not wait to get my package....I am finishing up yours hopefully today or tomorrow. I hope that you will like what I have made!

  2. Of course, I will like it Kimberly! I was so glad to know that you were my swap partner ;)

  3. How did I miss those swaps!!!
    I've been thinking about joining some since my last time was almost 2 years ago! :D I love making dishclothes, and if I would have definitely participated!
    Yours are so pretty, and I can't wait to see other ones. :)

  4. Oh, I wish you had joined us Chie! It so happenned that I loved kitchen swaps at this time, but a while back, I would not have thought of joining swaps ;)

  5. Your dishcloths look so nice, Mimi. I'll have to try that crazy cloth someday. I think I printed it out.

  6. Thanks Tina. Yes the crazy cloth pattern is very nice and the stitch works up fast. The tunisian stitch is so much like knitting, it progresses much slower.


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