Friday, April 27, 2007

Some surprises I got!

I just received my swap package from Donna of NJ. This was our dishcloth swap at Simply Crochet. Look at the lovely thick and big dishcloths she sent me, plus some other goodies Again, thanks so much, Donna!

And look here I have another magazine. I did not buy it, nor did it come from anyone from the mail. My mom surprised me with it! Now even my mom is on the lookout for some bargain craft magazines for me. She got this for only P75. ($1.60) !
I certainly have tons of magazines now :)

Another surprise, these lovely colors of Red Heart Yarns:

I just got my color card and I'm pleased with the new colors. Btw, the RH yarns we have here is similar to the Red Heart Super Saver yarns in U.S., but here it is only 3-ply, while the RHSS is 4-ply.


  1. Lucky you! How nice!

  2. How fun!! Yay! All your goodies look so nice!

    That is a lot of different variegated Red Heart yarns! (Are you going to try to sell those, too?) They look nice. I wonder how different they are than what we have here... (Maybe you and I could do a little RH yarn swap?) ;p

  3. What a fun package the you reiceved!

    Love the colors in the Red Heart yarn! Very nice and cheery looking!

  4. Wow! Mimi , Lovely goodies. Those dishcloths look so lovely. And it's so sweet of your Mom to look out for craft stuff for you.


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