Monday, April 02, 2007

Crochet Insider

I followed the link from Cathy to Crochet Insider, an online magazine that is very informative and features great crochet artists. For the current issue, dont miss Dora Ohrenstein's interview with Lily Chin!

Cathy's curtains were also featured in the gallery, she has more of it shown on her blog - I really admire those curtains!

(photo borrowed from


  1. Wow. That curtain is a lot of work~ it's beautiful. The doily on the crochet insider looks a lot like a doily you made for yourself for Valentine's Day a while back, too. (By Perkko Vega?) Except with yellow and white...

    How do you find all these cool sites? Thanks for sharing them with us!

  2. Glad you are looking on those sites Tina! Kind of proves that I spend a lot of time on the computer instead of working on my projects :p
    Cathy's curtains are amazing, some of it were modified from tablecloth patterns.
    Yes, the doily there is the Victorian Rose doily, the same one I did, but I modified the leaves. I think its a vintage pattern.

  3. Isn't the Crochet Insider a great e-zine?! I really enjoy Dora's take on all things crochet!!!!

  4. Hello.
    I came here to visit you and loved your space.
    I'm from Brazil, It's all so beautiful.

  5. you know what, I emailed cathy and ask about her curtain pattern, and boy was she helpedful...just love her work. My fav is Anne Bunny Arche filet and Orginal Arch Curtain


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