Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'm addicted to...

I've just recently got my invitation to sign-in to Ravelry. I immediately went on there to look first at who's on there already, then to see the projects posted. I cant wait for us all to be there ;) Its such a cool place!

"...a place where you could organize your projects, stash and tools and at the same time help you find people with similar taste and interests. A single location in which to search for pattern and yarn information from many different producers and publishers." read more...

It will be so easy to browse for patterns, finished projects,WIPs etc.
You can also choose your own circle of friends, and check on what they recently uploaded all in one page. Hopefully, everyone will share their projects, to make it a much livelier place.

It was several weeks ago, when I read about Ravelry on Stacie's FaeryCrafty Blog. She's right, the place is addicting!


  1. Hopefully I'll see you there soon, Mimi!

  2. I like it too-I like how now you can browse through crochet patterns only.

  3. yes, it keeps getting better!...
    I get envious of the knitted projects though :p

  4. I'm still waiting on the list !!!

  5. I am loving it although its causing my to-do list to grow extremely fast....I've added about 20 new knitting projects that I want to tackle!

  6. I spent a lot of my time there looking at other people's gorgeous FOs.

  7. I hadn't heard of it til just a few weeks ago. It sounds like a terrific idea.

  8. Hi Mimi, :)
    I'm hoping to get invited too!


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