Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Small Crochet Projects

For want of something crochety to post about today, I'm showing here the small items that I designed for our livelihood project over at Project Brave Kids. Here you see 3 different coasters and a glass cozy. The cozy is done in shell stitches, a simple design but I was pleased with it since its flexible enough to fit several sizes and shapes of glasses.
(I used Cannon threads and size 1.5mm hook for all the thread projects shown in this post.)

We sell the coasters in sets of six and the cozies in sets of 4.

Here's another glass cozy I just finished, its a simple lace design.

And, here are the flower chokers I sent out for my blogiversary contest. Aren't they cute...I love looking at them in different colors


  1. Those stes are all so cute!

    The chokers look great-I love mine.

  2. Glass cozies...what a cute idea!!

  3. I agree, I really like the glass cozy idea. Especially with all of the sweaty glasses filled with icey drinks. Very cute Mimi~

    Did you double up on the thread?

  4. I love all of your work, Mimi, so pretty, as well as practical.

  5. Anonymous06 June, 2007

    You ALWAYS make the cutest stuff, Mimi! I love those glass cozies! Too cute! And the coaster are so clever!

  6. Your coasters are very pretty. The stitches are divine and the color are gorgeous. I love it.

  7. Beautiful crochet pieces and great ideas for the project, Mimi!

  8. Thank you all so much for the compliments!
    I used Cannon threads for all of these projects (only one strand), and I used 1.5mm steel hook.

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  11. the coasters are so cute!

  12. Am interested in the glass cozies and coasters. Are the patterns free? If so, where can I get them? I live on an island where patterns are not available and there is little yarn but I do have some in stock and would like to use it up.
    Sharon living on the island of Guanaja, Isla de la Bahia, Honduras
    I hope you can answer to my e-mail address but, if not, I'll try and check this site for an answer.


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