Sunday, June 24, 2007

Internet Explorer vs. Firefox

Last month I was complaining to my son about problems with internet browsing, esp the pop-ups that pop-out even when I am just going through my emails. Also, why I have to type in my password each and every time I post at blogger or make comments, even if I chose keep signed-in. More importantly, the immediate threat of viruses destroying my files. He said, blame it on IE, and told me to change my browser to firefox like he did a year ago. He uploaded the program to my computer, and since then I never looked back...
Well, I don't even have the knowhow to properly compare the two, you have to research and try it yourself. Don't get stuck with your browser if its not working well for you. Much better, read some more about IE vs. Firefox:

Most people don't give a second thought to their Web browser. Their computer is Microsoft Windows-based, it comes loaded with Microsoft's Internet Explorer and, presto, they use Internet Explorer...

Stereotypical User

Internet Explorer - Brain dead newbie. Loves pop-ups, viruses, and spyware. Just wants to "surf the Internet and check my email." Oblivious to alternative lifestyles. Seeks help from "computer smart" nephew.

Firefox - Proselytizing ubergeek. Loves freedom, choice, and tabbed browsing. Just wants to "improve mankind with Open Source Software." Oblivious to market forces and the power of money. Seeks other geeks to join in on the evangelism.

Both are equally annoying.

Where to download free software:


  1. Anonymous25 June, 2007

    I've been a Mozilla Firefox user for a year or two now...tabbed browsing rules!!!!! Rachel, CPC/KPC

  2. I use Mozilla Firefox and have for about 2 years-however, we have IE also set up because some of my husband's sites for financial stuff doesn't support anything but IE. Also, Elena plays on Nick Jr and some of their games don't work on Firefox. So there you have it, I never use the IE, but it's on the computer for others and they never use Firefox, that's "my" browser.

  3. LOL that last link is hilarious...I love how a coin toss competition is included as a factor.

    Firefox is definitely awesome. I agree that the only negative is I've run into a couple lame sites that actually make sure you are using IE before they let you in...including Microsoft before they'll let you do any updates to your computer.

  4. Oops, I made the mistake of deleting my IE - I might need it sometime :p


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