Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bags on Ravelry

Thank you so much for the compliments on my bags!!

Since I am still very much into bags, I went on to do more searching on Ravelry.
Did you know...(as of this date)
* there are 3937 bag patterns listed on Ravelry and 1092 of those are crochet
* there are almost 10,000 bag projects and about 5960 of those are crochet
* the top bag lady is Pipp, with 82 bags - none crocheted :p

* the second bag lady is TerryRoss, with 73 bags - none crocheted :p

* the third bag lady is sfb, with 60 bags - only two are crocheted :p

* definitely not a bag lady, (but a real good crochet bag designer) Drew Emborsky has a new fun bag design, and its a free pattern on Ravelry :)

Lastly, here's an old bag pattern that I recently added to Ravelry as a free pattern :)

Oh, I forgot to mention - I have found the crochet bag lady (thanks, but its not me, Gene :)


  1. that's a lot of bags mimi! maybe you could be the one with the most number of crocheted bags, haha!

  2. Hi Mimi, I am a witness to my sister enjoying making your bags! I'll get her the sack bag pattern to try.

    By the way, I liked your little fat-bottomed bag. I will one day make something that cute.

    Are you on Etsy too?

  3. LOL@NOT a baglady! Bagdude? But I don't carry one so I guess that doesn't work either.

    - thanks for the shout out!

  4. I am just wondering, where would a person keep all those bags? You'd have to have a separate closet just for all your bags. ;P Unless they were mostly gifts. ;) I do love making purses, but it's been a while.

  5. That's a heck of a lot of bags!! I bet you can beat her! ;-)

  6. WoW! that is an abundance of bags.

    Thank you for complimenting on my sweater.

  7. WOW I didn't know none of that. I love bags. I do also noticed not to many patterns for crocheters at there is for knitters. But, even though I don't follow patterns that much but, still hate it. One day I will have to write a pattern for a bag.


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