Monday, September 22, 2008

Crochet buddies, FOs, and...its raining again!

This is the third week that its been raining here...though yesterday it didn't rain, the previous two weeks it seemed nonstop.
Although the rains do make me want to crochet more, somehow it gets depressing...

One thing that got me going again, was a new found crochet buddy. She was able to contact me by inquiring from Coats Manila Bay. Well, the reason I'm telling this is that it is seldom that I find a friendly crocheter, with a flexible schedule, who lives not so far from me ;)

I did find several wonderful crochet buddies through my blog and met some in person. Quite recently I met Bheng, and last year I met Gene. But Bheng is employed full-time, and Gene has a lot going on including expecting a baby :)

So I am glad to have found Daisy, since she is really crocheting and very much interested to learn from me.
The first item she wanted to make was a set of glass cozies. She showed me the crocheted set she bought which was very light and lacy...she wanted something dense like a basket, so I came up with this:

Cabled Glass Cozy

Then she also showed me a headband she bought from a street vendor, it was unbelievably cheap. But the thread and crochet work were of good quality.
I don't remember ever having made a pretty headband, so I duplicated its design. Here's my striped headband:

Btw, several months back I posted some stuffed toys I dug up from the closet. One of those is this Cool Cat. Haven't found the pattern yet, its in one of those old Crochet Fantasy magazines. Anyhow, I found the other cat I made for my son about 15 years ago. This is smaller and has freaky eyes...hehe...

Ok, just a couple more FOs...

I made another makeup purse...I finished the pattern complete with instructions on lining it with fabric and attaching magnetic snaps. This one I made with a flower embellishment to cover the snap.

Finally, here's a size 10 thread version of my Little Cotton Shrug design. I was hoping to have someone else model it for me, but it didn't happen. So here:

Thanks for looking!


  1. We would love to get some of your rain here. :)

  2. Yes, we need some here, too! I used to love it when it rained (well, if I was already indoors and didn't have to drive anywhere...)

    It looks like you have been busy crocheting! The headband is great, and great job on the shrug, too.

  3. Hi Melissa, thanks for stopping by!

    Hi Tina! Same with me, I love the rain, only if I don't have to go out and drive...

  4. Wow, everything is gorgeousm but the purse is my favorite!

  5. haaaaay.... have I lived near your place... and if my work is not too busy... I would love to learn from you myself... I love all your patterns....

  6. Rain rain go away. Love your latest projects great job on them all. Loving that headband cool.:)

  7. Cute stuff, Mimi! You always come up with the most clever things! Hey, we could use some of that rain, care to share?

  8. Hi Riohnna, Lucy, Bheng, Lesa, Sue!
    Thanks all for your comments :)
    I do want to share the rain, its been gloomy here every afternoon when it rains...
    But this morning the sun is shining!

  9. Hi Mimi, Just thought I would stop by and say hello! Today it is raining like cats & dogs. The headband is pretty with the picot edging. I sure could use one myself. I think I will make one with elastic in the back to keep my hair out of my face.

    Again hello! I miss you~


  10. Hi Kelly, thanks for stopping by!
    The sun might be shining in the morning, then rain pours in the afternoon and evening...we've got to be prepared with our yarn, hook and pattern!
    Glad you liked the headband, I'm still fixing the pattern so I can share it ;)

  11. I saw them!!!! just one word;FANTASTIC
    i wished to see some works in macrame "you're invited to see my blog^^"thanx

  12. hi mimi! I love all your projects! I want to learn how to crochet. can you help me? Where can I get the materials like needles and threads? What shop in manila can I buy them? Taga Quezon Province pa po ako e. Thanks and more power!


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