Saturday, January 03, 2009

2008 finished projects and designs (part 1)

Breezy Shrug

Another breezy shrug:

Little Cotton Shrug

Cotton Baby Booties

Shawl designed by Milobo

More cotton booties!

A baby newsboy cap (which I haven't finalized the pattern yet :p )

Felted hook case

Flower accessory

Ivory Shawl tutorial

Gray cropped pullover for my sis

Bolero/shrug (Portuguese design)

Little flowers with leaves (free pattern)

Bolero/Shrug (japanese design)

Chic Cell phone purses

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  1. Wow. The pullover one for your sis is amazing, but, all of it is amazing!!!! our work is beautiful.

  2. All your projects are so professional looking, great work Mimi! I am still struggling with wearables. Maybe after another year... :P

  3. Wow great finishes....I'm going to start keeping track of my finishes for the year. Sometimes I think I didn't do much and when I look back I did alot.

  4. Thanks Riohnna! Who'd best appreciate crochet than fellow crocheters :)

    Hi Tina! you're such a big help to me when I was a new designer and still continue to inspire me :) THanks again!

    Thanks Lucy!
    What I did with this post was to go to the monthly archives and just copy and paste the projects as they appeared in my blog. That way, its faster and I don't miss anything ;)

  5. that is a lovely collection!

    A lovely new look in New Year, like your hair!


  6. I love the shrugs. They are beautiful. You've have just inspired me to make a shrug for my next project!

  7. Sexy crop tops!!! Sorry I have been out of the loop.

  8. Thanks everyone!
    Hi Mona, sorry for the delayed response...haven't got much time for computer and crochet stuff lately. But I've been thinking of setting up a meeting with you soon. Hope all is well :)


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