Saturday, January 03, 2009

2008 Finished Projects and Designs (part 2)

Flower Tawashi

Cute Tawashi Designs

"Handy" Coasters

Stylish Hobo Bag, Makeup purse and Cell phone purse

A crocheted scarf that got frogged...

Stylish Makeup Purse

Cabled Glass Cozy

Striped Headband

Birthday Cake

Basic Slippers

Beaded Doilies

And, all these bags and drawstring purses:

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  1. I am sure you have been told countless times, and I am going to tell you again, Your work is fascinating!

  2. Thanks for your generous praises Angela! I haven't crocheted much since the start of this year, that's why I'm recycling the photos from last year's posts ;)

  3. I love everything you make! It's all beautiful!

  4. Thank you Mary Sarah!

  5. Hi,Mary
    All it see very beatiful!
    Thanks ur sharing.
    Take care.
    See you...


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