Friday, January 30, 2009

Yummy Yacon and delightful Kiat kiat...

Not really related, these two foods are the subject of this post since both are on my dining table now ;) I only recently discovered the yacon...and as for the kiat kiat, I have grown to like it since it is more affordable, sweeter and easier to eat than regular oranges.

This is the yacon, my latest health food discovery. I found it recently among the local vegetables from Baguio City, being sold at Shoppersville supermarket. I thought it was a sweet potato, and would have boiled it had not someone told me that its like singkamas (jicama). Its also eaten raw - its crunchy, sweet, and tastier than the singkamas. So I googled to find out more about this wonderful food.
"Fresh Yacon tubers are crisp and juicy with a delicate flavor reminiscent of apple or melon and a surprising sweetness that increases in storage...While satisfyingly sweet and flavorful, Yacon remains low in calories. This is due to the fact that the sugar contains high levels of oligofructose (inulin), a form of sugar that is not metabolized readily by the human body. For this reason, Yacon shows much promise as a food for diabetics and as a base for a low calorie sweetener..." (from
I don't think I'm prone to have diabetes, but I have some digestive system problems. Eating sugary foods can also cause many other illnesses - I'm just so glad I found another alternative for sweet treats!

These are real kiat kiat oranges posing with my apple keychain ;)
They're abundant during the holidays, and a popular symbol of prosperity especially during the New Year celebrations.


  1. Wow, they look delicious! I wonder if they are available here.

  2. They both look delicious. I have been craving oranges lately (mostly probably because I haven't been able to chew anything lately from all my dental work.) The kiat kiat look yummy. :) You should make a kiat kiat keychain. ;)

  3. Thank you Angela and Tina!
    LOL Tina, I already did make a kiat kiat keychain and a lemon one too :) I'll be posting it soon.

  4. The Kiat looks like Clemetine's we gethere around December and January, maybe they're smaller. The yacon is interesting-wonder if organic farms will have it here in the US soon?

  5. Happy Chinese New Year, Mimi!

  6. Deneen, according to the wikipedia article on Yacon, It has recently been introduced into farmer's markets and natural food stores in the US.

    Happy Chinese New Year too, Lily! The kiat kiat in the picture was given by my son's g.f. who is pure Chinese ;)

  7. To think I was already happy with singkamas...

    Save some yacon for me!

  8. hehe...sure sis, I hope the yacon is available all year round :D

  9. I think I'm losing my mind. I don't remember if I already told you about the 2 awards I've given you on my blog. So here's a comment about them just in case. lol I better get to sleep now, my brain is foggy. lol


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