Sunday, March 01, 2009

Go fresh - make pineapple-orange juice at home!

I have not been crocheting much lately, and have been a bit obsessed with preparing and eating healthy foods. Several years ago, I bought the Fit for Life book and since then have learned how to eat fruit. I couldn't follow all the guidelines for eating right, since that would be very hard considering the budget and different food preferences of my family. But for the most part I believed in the book. If I were to feed only myself and have all the ingredients available, I can probably follow most of the principles in that book.
I have no doubt that the most important rule is to EAT FRUITS ON AN EMPTY STOMACH.
It is then most practical to eat fruits for breakfast, since they are easily digested and you know your stomach is empty. Best of all, if you're in a hurry someone can prepare the juice for you and you'll just have to drink it. That's part of what I do for my son who goes to the office and the other who goes to school, since they are usually in a hurry!
One of the must have item according to the book, is a fruit juicer. I have been wanting to buy one, ever since my mini fruit juicer broke down. (I guess it gave up on some of the carrots that I juiced, which where quite hard.) I don't think I want to have one of those big juicers since my kitchen is small, and the juicer parts to be washed are huge!
Anyways, I also have a dependable citrus juicer that I've had for years. I didn't realize until recently, that one could also juice an apple, pear, or other fruit on it. Then just the other day, I tried to juice a pineapple and it worked!
Its pretty simple. Cut the pineapple into four, slice off the center part. Hold the sliced pineapple firmly...

and proceed to juice:

One fourth of a pineapple and one orange, makes one glass of fresh juice. This one serving of juice cost only P25. It is the real 100% juice. Enjoy!

Don't believe those canned products saying its real or natural, since the fruit in them has already been cooked and processed and not fresh anymore. It doesn't have the benefits of fresh juice.

And if you do have a big juicer, then use it. Here's how:


  1. Wow! I never knew a pineapple could be juiced like that! Thanks! I will definitely give this a try!

  2. Ha! Never thought to juice anything other than citrus fruit on those things.
    My sister got me a smoothie maker for Christmas, and I've been drinking fruit smoothies everyday ever since. I was never really a fruit eater, so this was probably the best gift I've ever received. :-)

  3. Its worth a try Angela :)

    Oh, a smoothie maker sounds good - I'd have to check one out, Zu :)

  4. My MIL had a juicer when she lived with us we used it a few times. Even made carrot juice, it was good! If you can get organic or home grown vegetables or fruits it tastes even better. I wonder if my food processer would work to juice... hmmm...

  5. Hi Tina, I'm still looking to buy a juicer, since I miss fresh carrot-apple juice.
    Organic tastes better...but its harder to find, and costs a lot more at the supermarket :p


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