Saturday, March 07, 2009

More on the pineapple, a tropical fruit shake and a shrug ;)

Here are some tips on how to buy fresh pineapple.
Now I'm able to juice a pineapple, I've been thinking of other fruits to mix it with...something like four seasons juice - made from pineapple, orange, mango and guava. But I didn't find native guava, and bought some strawberries instead.

All of these are local produce except for the orange.

Now to shake it all up.

Added a couple of ice cubes before I sipped it...hmm so refreshing! This one serving costs around P40.

Another thing for our tropical weather is my latest shrug:

This is a shrug that is light and airy and fits our tropical weather.
Pattern will be available soon...


  1. Nice stitch pattern-we may hit 75 tomorrow (whee)-we had a snowstorm on Monday-waiting for some warm weather.

  2. Very pretty stitch pattern on the shrug!

  3. That fruit shake looks so good. Great shrug stitch!

  4. Mmmm tropical fruit!! I've been finding some good mangoes lately, but they don't make it as far as the juicer. ;-)

    Love the stitch pattern on the shrug by the way.

  5. We are going to be in the 80s this week (yikes, here comes the heat already...) That fruit shake (or smoothie?) looks so good! The shrug looks very tropical, too. ;) I like it so far!

  6. Thank you Tina! I'm afraid summer here is going to be so hot, as predicted...
    I just came from your blog too :D

  7. How funny, we both were at each others' blogs. :P I was going to say, there is someone who sells pineapples on the corners out here. I don't know if it is homegrown or organic, but I have been tempted to buy one.

  8. I love your new shrug.... it's very lacey too

  9. I like your blog, Mimi. It is very organic. Back to nature/natural ang effect. And very laid back, peaceful. I have tried crochet when I was in elem/hs. It was something I enjoyed but never pursued because of other pursuits. I love juicing and fresh fruit shakes. I have read this book " Never Get Sick Again" (by Raymond Francis) and it changed my life. Cheers to healthier living!

  10. Thanks Marta! I really don't talk much, and it shows in my blog, lol! I'm never the adventurous type, so hardly any travelling or sports activities did I pursue. So its just crafts for me ;)
    I'm so glad to know of people like you, living the healthy life. The information is all there, but sadly, people have been manipulated for so long and become addicted to harmful foods and substances.


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