Sunday, September 12, 2010

The junkyard, and a couple of Crochet FOs

I might have become a bit accustomed to the disturbance that is our new neighbors, but it's still annoying at times :(
Hopefully there won't be too much noise anymore from their truck deliveries. I think they've already done much banging, clanging, screeching, etc. on here, and have this to show:


Anyways, I finally got over my non-productive mode and have a couple of FO's to present.
First, my coffee shrug!
I can now call it my own since it fits me perfectly ;)


The other one is my unique and original knit/crochet tunic top!
I am happy with the overall result, but a bit disappointed that I didn't have enough of the original blue thread to finish the skirt. I instead used a darker shade of blue for the last six rounds. I also couldn't decide on the exact length to make, but I think it came out just right for my height and small body frame...


  1. to go from the greenery to this must be quite a shock I can understand. Love the shrug and the tunic on you Mimi.

  2. Mimi, your tunic is gorgeous!!!

  3. Thanks Pearlin and Christina!!
    It feels so good to be able to wear what you make and get compliments too :)

  4. I love the tunic! It looks great! I still can't get myself to knit anything.

  5. Thumb down for that work construction. I´m so sorry, I know exactly how you must feel, missing the wonderful green...
    Good job, MImi! Love the coffee shrug and the tunic as well. Beautiful.

  6. Thanks M!! I also can't get myself to knit anything nowadays, since I would have to relearn how to knit.

    Thanks Vik!! I'm very happy with the shrug, it was easy to make and quick to finish. I'm also happy with the tunic, that finally it is finished and I can wear it :)

  7. Your tunic looks stylish. The darker blue looks like intentional design.

  8. Thanks Lily!! I like it too, but I think I like plain skirt better ;)

  9. Oh no!! I can imagine how disappointing that must be. Especially after having all the trees, before... :( I hope the noise level stays low, at least. Your tunic looks nice. The blue in the back makes it work. It looks nice on you. The coffee shrug, too!


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