Saturday, September 18, 2010

A new model for my crochet creations :)

I have a new model!
Shown here wearing a romantic shrug that Yoly gave to me...

And if you're wondering who's Yoly, here she is:

I met her on my Facebook page, when she shared pics of her creations made from my designs.
On her model is the red halter top she made in large size.
When I saw this photo, I realized how useful a fitting form is, and knew I needed one...I asked Yoly where she bought it, though chances are I won't be able to go buy it myself.
Fortunately, she offered to buy it for me ;) Actually, she requested her hubby to buy it...
She also asked him to accompany her to meet up with me. They were such nice friendly people and I really appreciate them making me feel welcome and not a bother at all...especially since they live a bit far from where we met-up.
Meeting another crochet buddy in the person of Yoly was such a thrill! She even brought several projects she made from my designs. She said she already made plenty of items, all from my patterns which she loved since she liked working with cotton threads.
We exchanged projects too, and I picked the cream shrug above. I gave her my purple cropped cardigan and the pattern, so she can learn to make set-in sleeves.
Hopefully, we'll meet up again soon. There wasn't enough time to chat and share each other's projects. And as usual, I forgot to take out my pocket camera so we can have a souvenir pic :(


  1. Wow, what a great model! If I had space for one, I'd love one. I hope you get lots of great modeling pics with it!

  2. That's so neat, Mimi! I saw it on FB, but I didn't know the whole story. That's so neat you got to meet in person.

  3. That's awesome! It sounds like so much fun too! I need to find someone in my area who loves crochet so we can get together and talk yarn :)

  4. Really pretty Mimi! ☺
    I love your designs too... Too bad, I aint that good yet at crochet. :(

  5. Beautiful creations!!!

    Saludos from Santiago de Chile, South America.


  6. Isn't it so thrilling to meet up a fellow crafter! I met one here too.That dress model is so nice!

  7. Thank you so much ladies for stopping by :)
    The dress form I have is medium size and is being very useful already ;) The tunic top that my SIL ordered is medium and is looking good on the "model". I also got the necessary measurements from my SIL, so I know that it'll fit her.

  8. I Love your blog! I too am a fellow crocheter..only I crochet for pooches! I found you through the "Calendar 100+" I am in it too. (dog sweater) my blog is:
    stop by and see me, Sara

  9. How exciting! I would love to have one too someday.

  10. I can´t wait you get that fitting form! Of course you need one too, dear Mimi! You are such a great designer! How come we haven´t think about that yet? Post pictures when you get it!

  11. Hi Sara, thanks! I'll check out your blog too :)

    Hi Lily, maybe you could order one online? I saw one on Amazon at about $110. and is very nice since it has adjustable body. Mine is equivalent to a little over $40. but is only sized to a standard medium...

    Hi Vik, that's the one in the first pic, its already in my bedroom/craftroom ;)


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