Thursday, October 06, 2011

Cannon threads and my latest projects

I quite suddenly had an inkling to use my other blog again, and entitled it Crocheting with Cannon Threads.Though most of my designs can easily be substituted with other yarns or threads, I'd like to show my favorite local thread up-close.
Want to know more? Please visit my other blog Crocheting with Cannon Threads. You'll see here in my latest post what I've been up to lately.


  1. Está com olhar carente e pidão, muito meigo!

  2. What a cute idea for leftover threads, Mimi.

    I love your furry friend, is this your dog? :)

  3. Hi Tina, he's my brother's dog, but we live in the same house ;) I come visit him once in a while in his corner, and he's always glad to see me. He often let me know how bored he gets since he's usually tied up. I let him loose one time and I had to babysit him since there's no telling what he'll chew up or destroy :p Then it was so hard to tie him up again since he's so heavy and stubborn.

  4. I visited your other blog Mimi! I am loving your amigurumi miniatures! And of course I am loving your brother´s dog too!!


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