Sunday, October 09, 2011

Pretty Puppy Cellphone Charm ;)

Here's what I made yesterday :) 
I've been hooked on the amigurumi Dachshund that I designed. But this time I used one strand of 4-ply cotton thread and size 3mm hook. You can see in the photo the yarn I used and just a small amount of yarn was needed. Given the same pattern, it is really more difficult to make a smaller item. But if you haven't noticed yet, I do have a fondness for miniatures ;) (My collection of crocheted mini projects can be seen here.)
Anyway, for the latest on my Amigurumi Dachshund pattern, please follow my other blog Crocheting with Cannon Threads.
And to brighten up our day, here's a close-up of the Pretty Puppy cellphone charm :)


  1. Miss Molly can´t wait that you get inspired by her and create an amigurumi miniature of Scottish Terrier! ;-)

  2. Tem uma carinha muito simpática!

  3. Thanks Nely and Vik!
    Good suggestion Vik...though its much harder in black and furry yarn, maybe I should give it a try. Probably it'll turn out funny like my English Bulldog ami ;)

  4. I am reading your Mail dear Mimi and watching the CUTEST pictures!!!!!! You have to post them here!!!! Miss Molly just went to her hairdresser, so she is short haired like your Ami! I write you an e-Mail later! You made my day! thank youuuu!!!!

  5. Yay, I'm glad you like Molly ami, Vik!
    I just have to improve on them a little and make another batch to be sure about the pattern instructions ;)

  6. That is so cute! I want to make one to give as gifts. Did you buy the yarn locally?

  7. Hi Gene, I bought the yarn at Stitchin moments in SM more than a year ago, its made in Taiwan...they only had a few asstd colors in stock, and when I came back there were no more.
    However, two strands of size 8 or size 10 thread might also work fine for the mini dog. I'll send you the pattern when its available :)


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