Saturday, October 29, 2011

Still crocheting dog amis...

Am now working on another sample of the English Bulldog amigurumi. I got some acrylic yarn in my stash that's bulkier...the Familia yarn, which isn't available here anymore, so I need to make another sample using  yarn that's available. I haven't found the right shade though. Here's what I made so far:

Was turning out fine, until I sewed in some wrinkles...and it looked a bit scary, haha!

Here's the first sample I made beside the first dachshund ami, both were made using 3 strands of cotton thread...

Meanwhile, if you're interested in the Dachshund Amigurumi, the pattern is now available here on Ravelry.

Btw, while looking at who favorited this pattern, I saw this real-life dachshund puppy in someone's ravatar:

Made me happy to know she liked the ami version as well :)


  1. Estão muito mimosos os amigurumi, bonitos demais e confeccionaodos com perfeição!

  2. My dear Mimi:
    Your dogs amis are the crochet hit of the year! Aww... they are too cute!

  3. You could make little Santa hats for them and they could be little Christmas Ornaments. I keep seeing little dog w/ Santa hat ornaments everywhere, here. Your dog amis are cute! :)

  4. Thanks Nely, Vik, and Tina for your encouraging comments :) I'm trying to keep up with the dog amis, but some other projects are now popping up :p
    Yes Tina, it would make a cute ornament with a Santa hat...hope I'll still have time to experiment on that before Christmas comes ;)


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