Saturday, October 08, 2011

Hard to let go...

My computer died today. I don't know if my files are still recoverable...but I don't want to worry about it much.
I'm using my older son's computer now, and for limited times I'll be able to use this...My younger son has locked up his computer with a password :p
Anyways, I managed to post again today as you can see ;)
I'm just going to let you know that I'll be posting my Cannon thread projects in my other blog here. I'll be posting stitches, swatches, and patterns over there whenever I use Cannon threads.


  1. Oh no!! That happened to us a couple years ago. I hope you are able to save your files. I need to put all mine on a disc.

  2. Thanks Nely and Tina. I did upload some of my work on my Gmail account...but I'm afraid I've lost the photos and bookmarks that I've gathered the past several months :(

  3. I am sorry Mimi! I hope you can recover your pics and docs!


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