Thursday, March 23, 2006

Cant get enough of these... cell phone totes!

Its obvious I've gone crazy over these cell phone totes! I didnt know I was just warming up when I made the first two purses, but now that I discovered the wonder of multicolored threads, I couldnt stop!
Here's what I finished yesterday:

Today I finished one more:

Also took a shot of the lucky bamboo plant my mother gave me.
Still more to come :D


  1. I love your cellphone purses!
    I think all of them look so cool.
    I had problem commenting here ealier today, but if you are reading this one, I guess it's ok now. :)

  2. Thanks Chie! I'm so glad you like it too as you can see I'm crazy over it =)

  3. Holy cow Mimi! You've gone cell phone purse crazy! Are you going to try and sell these? I would buy one for sure. They are awesome. :)

  4. Thanks for the compliments, Tina!!!
    If you'd rather buy than make one, I think I could manage to make several more to sell. Take your pick :D


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