Thursday, March 23, 2006


Finding new friends is hard when one works at home. But through the internet it is really possible to find new and true friends. Being near is not really necessary, though if you can actually see and hear your friend, it is wonderful. I have been blessed to find genuine friends on the internet, I know they are real to me as I am real to them. I so wish to meet them all in person, but being a non-traveler, it is almost impossible.
About a month ago, I chanced upon meeting a neighbor when she saw my blog and inquired about the threads I'm selling. We didnt know then we were just a few blocks away from each other. I am more than glad that we share the same interest in crochet, we are both mothers, and we're of the same age. What a happy coincidence!
So here, I dedicate this post to Jeng. Since she's working fulltime in a bank, she hasnt tried blogging yet.
Here are the lovely accessories she has made:

A purse from Daphne Mah's pattern She added a crocheted beads handle. This was made from Cannon thread, size 8, in multicolor.

A cigarette holder, with a nice flower accent.

Flower accessories from this site.

Friends smile at you.
They like your face.
They want to be with you
Any old place.

Friends have fun with you.
Friends share
They’re glad when you’re happy---
When you’re sad, they care.

If you’re a friend
Then you care, too.
That’s why your friends
Are glad you’re you!!!

Nice Friendship Quote : A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked. -- Bernard Meltzer


  1. So nice to find new friends with the same interests.Send your friend my best wishes from me in the north of Sweden.

    I also enjoy reading your blog and get inspiration and it's also very important with different blogs.During the weekénd I update my blog

  2. Hi and thank you for your comment Ulla! Its so nice to "meet" you!

  3. I am happy for you that you found a crochet buddy who lives nearby!
    She crochets beautifully. :)
    I remember when I was making lots of small things like your friend's. I know they are so much fun to make. :)

  4. Jeng does such a beautiful job & it's so nice that she's allowed you to share her craft with us, thanks!

  5. Thanks Chie and Jaye!
    I'm really happy that crochet and the internet brought us all together =)

    Jeng's projects are all cute, she just doesnt have much time to crochet. But she's hoping to finish a top and a shawl. I'm sure its going to be lovely...go Jeng, go!

  6. Mimi I am so happy for you that you met an internet friend in person! That is so awesome. I hope you two will become true friends. :)

  7. Thanks, I hope so too, Tina ;)

  8. Sweet story, friends are worth a million. -Pam

  9. So happy for you. It's wonderful to meet new friends. And thanks for sharing Jeng's wonderful work. I hope you have fun together.

  10. Thank you Pam and Yasmin! I really feel lucky, because of the internet and the love of crochet, I have made several friends.

  11. hi mimi my friend ;)

    it was a pleasant surprise to see my work published in your blog.

    but what really touched me were your loving thoughts on our newfound friendship. the feeling is mutual.

    i'd also like to thank your friends for their wonderful complements. gosh...i 'm getting teary-eyed again...

    see you soon friend :)

  12. Wow! those are really sooo colorful projects that Jeng has done! I love the cigarette case most. Now finally you have also found a crochet buddy who lives nearby. Hope you'll have time to crochet together soon.

  13. Thanks Fe! Yes, at last I found myself a crochet buddy =)
    I'm still looking forward to meeting you in person too, Fe!

  14. wow Mimi!!!I am so happy for you.Your is also very talented. Best wishes to you both

  15. sorry I meant to say your friend is also very talented.

  16. The purple/green/blue verigated purse is beautiful :)

  17. Thank you Barb! Jeng did a good job on the purse pattern. I'm also proud to say that Coats makes some beautiful colors in threads ;)

  18. Hi Mimi! You know, when Jeng introduced herself at Crochetville, I thought inmediately of you! I'm so happy you could meet her in person! Happy coincidence!!! ;)

  19. Thanks Vik, I'm really happy that Jeng and I live in the same village :D


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